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He asked: Which way to your village? Remember he needs to go to the truth tellers. If the man is telling the truth he will direct him in the right direction. If the man is telling a lie he will direct him in the right direction. Either way, he knows which way to go.


Case: The blindfolds are removed, all three hands go up. This can only happen if at least two people have yellow dots or if all people have yellow dots.

The man sees 2 yellow dots, so he raises his hand, and sees that the other 2 have raised theirs. If he had a red dot on his head, one of the other men would quickly figure out that he himself had a yellow dot. Since everyone sits there looking confused, and because our hero knows that the other 2 are wise men too, he deduces that his dot must be yellow.


Even though you do not know the native language, you know what the first native said. If his soles were white, he told you the truth and said they were white. If they were black, he lied and said they were white. Either way, he said they were white. Since the second native confirmed that the first said his soles were white, the second native told the truth and thus had white soles. The third native lied in claiming that the second had black soles, so the third native had black soles.


The fact that there are two is a red herring - you only need one of either type. You ask him the following question: "If I were to ask you if the left door leads to freedom, would you say 'yes'?" If the person asked is a truth teller, he will answer "yes" if the left door leads to freedom, and "no" otherwise. But so will the liar. So, either way, go left if the answer is "yes", and right otherwise.


  1. A secret
  2. A coffin
  3. Your breath
  4. Your name
  5. Nothing
  6. Because 7 8 9.
  7. Silence
  8. Fire
  9. Footsteps
  10. The only house having all its windows oriented North is located at the South Pole.
  11. A gun
  12. A shoe
  13. A river
  14. No book, Cain slayed Abel!
  15. Your word.
  16. None of them, they are both wrong.
  17. An hourglass
  18. Half way, the other half the dog would be running out.
  19. Pants
  20. The chick of a goose/duck/swan etc.
  21. SmileS. Because there is a mile between the first and the last letter.
  22. Heat (you can "catch a cold", but not "catch a heat").
  23. A rooster crows
    An ostrich ducks
    All birds swallow
    A chicken quails
    A spoonbill shovels (shoveller, duck)
    A condor kites (flies like a kite)
    A (xmas)turkey rails (complain)
    An eagle snipes (hunts snipe)
    A whistler pipes (piper)
    A woodpecker shags (naughty one)
    A weaver-bird knots
    A mocking-bird gulls
  24. K9P (Canine-Pee = dog's urine)
  25. Because (octal) Oct 31 = (decimal) Dec 25.


  1. The man on the photo was his son.

  2. It's a picture of his daughter. His daughter's father is himself. His father's son is himself.

  3. They are triplets. (Two brothers and a sister.)

  4. A mother and her son.

  5. He can't, because he's dead.

  6. There were just three people: granddad, father and son.

  7. It is possible for the father of your mother to be younger than your father.

  8. My grandfather was born on 29 Feb 1896. There was no leap year in 1900. The first leap year after his birth was in 1904. That is why he could be eight on his first birthday.

  9. There are four boys and three girls in the family.

  10. The son was from another one of the ex-wife's marriages. He then married and divorced the guy's sister.

  11. It's my father.

  12. I have atleast one brother and one sister.

  13. they were nuns, one of whom joined up late.


  1. A man with a wooden leg.

  2. The day before it was all covered (47th day).

  3. Marge lets Norah see Sharons telegram (palindrome of question)
  4. Nine

  5. In those days they couldn't have known when Christ would be born, so there couldn't be coins with that inscription.

  6. I am too late because I used up the 2 minutes on the first mile.

  7. There are only four errors in the sentence, but the fifth error is that the sentence itself is incorrect, so there are five errors in the sentence. However, if there are five errors in the sentence, then the fifth error is now eliminated, making the statement false again. Thus the statement is a paradox, which is neither true nor false.

  8. No cat has two tails. One cat has one tail more than no cats. That's why a cat has three tails. :-)

  9. Queue => Q

  10. I would rather have half a cheese sandwich - because, nothing is better than eternal life of peace and happieness, but half a cheese sandwich is better than nothing !


  1. The Umpire and the Catcher at a baseball game.
  2. He was five years younger in the year 1985, because it was 1985 B.C. (before Christ)
  3. Stairs!
  4. The paper airplane.
  5. Golf.
  6. A watch with roman numerals.
  7. Fish on a little table, man at table sitting on stool, the cat has the bones (riddle from The Hobbit).
  8. $100,000 Bucks - one hundred sows and bucks
  9. MTGG. Empty Gee-gee (Gee-gee: A word for horse used by children)
  10. Read Herr Ing = Red Herring
  11. I am the F8 key on your QWERTY-keyboard
  12. Computer Keyboard


The answer is man. First a baby crawling; then an adult, walking tall; and then old, walking with a stick.


  1. A lion and honey. Samson came across a dead lion that had a beehive in it. Judges 14:14 to 18
  2. A Great Fish. More specific Jonas's Whale.
    Job 7:12, Ezekiel 32:2, Matthew 12:40, Genesis 1:21.


It's an onion


  1. Lice or Fleas

  2. A thorn or splinter


The king - and therefore his son - was a haemophiliac. Of course, this would not be public knowledge (or else every crazy psycho out to overthrow the king would only have to think of a way to cut the king, as opposed to mortally wounding him). Likewise, if the son lived long enough to grow up (accidents were big back then), he would know that if he cut himself, the bleeding would not clot by itself and he would most likely die. All the wise man has to do is ask each man to make a deep cut in their leg or arm or some other part of their body. Anyone that even THOUGHT about doing it to become king would automatically not be the king's son, and only the one who immediately refused, giving as the reason that it would cause his death, no matter how good the medical attention he received, would be the true son. The king had already died; no one could ask the true heir to kill his father. Instead, they just had to ask him to wound himself, simple as that.


They got home 20 minutes earlier than usual. So, assuming the dog drives the same speed on his way to pick up the man as he does on his way home with the man, we can assume that each part of the trip was shortened by 10 minutes. Since the dog usually picks the man up at 5:00, he will on this day pick him up at 4:50. Since the man started walking at 4:00, he will have been walking for 50 minutes.


1. Yes. All guests move into the room whose number is one greater than their >original number (n+1).

2. Yes. House the first group in the even-numbered rooms, and the second group in the odd-numbered rooms...


There are several answers to this riddle, but I like the first one the best.
1. He drove across the frozen water to the island.

2. Maybe the land only recently became an island. It could have become so due to flooding of the land around it, either by nature or intervention by man. The tractor could have been driven there prior to the flooding.

3. With overinflated tyres it floated across.


Possibility 1:
The male is telling the truth. He says that the truthteller has the knife, and the female says that the liar has the knife. In this case, the male has it, since he tells the truth.

Possibility 2:
The female is telling the truth. She says that the liar has the knife, while the male says the truthteller has it. He lies and therefore has the knife.

So, in both possible cases, the male sphinx has the knife.


It is a curious fact that a cube can be passed through another cube of smaller dimensions. Suppose a cube to be raised so that its diagonal AB is perpendicular to the plane on which it rests, as in the picture below. Because the hole is cut into the smaller cube, the larger remains solid and therefore the heavier one.


Yes, there is a way the man can increase his chances.

Place 1 white ball in the white box and all the other balls in the black box. There is a fifty-fifty chance that the executioner will pick either box. If the executioner chooses the white box, the man is free, and if he takes a ball from the black box, which has 49 white and 50 black balls, there is almost a fifty-fifty chance that he will pick white.

The exact percentage is: 1/2 + (1/2 * 49/99), or 74.74 percent


You ask either man, "Which door would HE (pointing to the other man) say leads to Heaven?" and then you take the opposite door to the one he says.