Mad Lips Puzzles

"Mad Lips" are stories in which certain words are left blank. In these "Mad Lips" the words that have been omitted often have something in common. For instance, they may all be verbs, nouns, slang words, or they may have nothing in common at all, etc. The aim is to complete the story using all the words given in the pull-down lists at least once. Click on the word you want in the pull-down list to make it appear in the text. It's really a great language-type puzzle which Lewis Carroll loved doing. To start a puzzle, choose one of the Mad Lips below. Some Mad Lips are presented in two parts.

Einstein I Legends I Cosmos
Einstein II Legends II Darwin's Theory
A Fishy Story The Vatican Rag French Fries
Scottish Forest In the bar Name Calling
Oxymorons Mixed Animals Football Story

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